Electric Skateboard Family Fun – Metroboard

Author: Metroboard Electric Skateboard via YouTube
Electric Skateboard Family Fun - Metroboard

The Metroboard Electric Skateboard is a great way to have fun with your kids. Although our typical customers are adults, kids can also learn to use an electric skateboard safely. There are 2 modes on the Metroboard Electric Longboard that limit the top speed to half (12 mph) and a third (8 mph) of the normal top speed (24 mph). This is great for both kids and new riders that want to get the hang of riding an electric skateboard before going too fast.

So next time you are wondering how your a going to entertain your kids on the weekend, put your electric skateboards in the trunk of your car and head to the nearest park and watch as your kids enjoy the endless thrill of riding an electric board.

The Metroboard Electric Skateboard is available in a variety of deck sizes ranging from our super compact 29″ Micro to our plush 41″ Electric Longboard, with several sizes in between. So yes, there is a size suitable for every age rider small and big, young and old!

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