Evolve Bamboo GTX hits the electric skateboard sweetspot

By Scott Collie

What happens when you take the most manoeuvrable deck in the Evolve
Skateboards range, brighten up its looks and crank up the power? Simple:
the Evolve Bamboo GTX.

This all-terrain electric skateboard takes an already appealing formula and
further refines it. We strapped on our helmets, updated the health
insurance and put it through its paces.

Since the first generation Evolve Electric Pintail launched in 2012,
company founder Jeff Anning and his Australian team have been slowly
refining their designs. From the bulky Pintail, with its motor mounted
ahead of the wheels, the design has evolved to what you see today.

Although the Bamboo GTX doesn’t have its battery fully integrated into the
deck like the Carbon GT we rode in 2015, it’s neatly packaged nonetheless…

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