How I turned my Commute into an Adventure!!

Author: Miles Electric Skateboards via YouTube

One Electric Skateboard, Endless Possibilities…

The journey is far better than the destination! Whether you are riding to class, the store, or a friends house, you won’t ever want to stop cruising on your Miles Board. (And with a 10-18 mile range on one charge, you wont have to!)

The sexy Carbon Fiber Deck makes this skateboard one of the most durable and lightest on the market. Combine that with the fact that it is only 27 inches long and 12.5lbs means you can take this board ANYWHERE.

Put it in a locker, strap it to a backpack, bring it in a vehicle, or carry it in 1 hand. Miles Electric skateboards revolutionize not only how you ride, but where you go once you’ve arrived!

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