How to ride the EB5 Pro City & Campus Folding eBike

Author: SWAGTRON via YouTube

City blocks to reach the office. Long stretches of campus between class. Commutes can be tough. EB5 is tougher. Give daily back-and-forth trips a boost with an array of features made to save time, energy, and more.

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Combining 250 watts of electric power and the ability to pedal, the EB5 is the modern-day commuter’s dream. With a 15.5 mile range and 15.5 mile-per-hour speeds, you can get to work early and hit the latest city hotspot that evening. EB5 gives you a boost but also works like a traditional pedal bike if you want to get in some exercise. And with pedaling, your range and top speed aren’t limited by motor or battery life.

COMES PRE-ASSEMBLED: EB5 is ready to go when you are. No need to waste time on complicated assembly, just hop on.

15.5 MILES ON ONE CHARGE: Charge it up for 4~5 hours during a lecture or work hours and enjoy up to 15.5 miles of cruising.

FITS WHERE YOU NEED IT TO: EB5 folds to fit inside compact cars, under desks, on subways and in other small spots.

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How to ride the EB5 Pro City & Campus Folding eBike
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