How To Ride The SWAGGER 5 Electric Scooter By SWAGTRON

Author: SWAGTRON via YouTube

The Swagger 5 is a super fun and easy to ride electric scooter. But to help out some new riders we made a list of steps to help you become a pro! Listed below are all the steps you need to start riding the SWAGGER 5.

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[Step 1]
Release the latch to unfold scooter

[Step 2]
Lift lever to lock scooter upright

[Step 3]
Hold power button for 3 seconds to turn on

[Step 4]
Push throttle down to move forward

[Step 5]
Use handbrake to slow down or stop

[Step 6]
Ring bell to alert pedestrians

[Phone Mount Instructions]

Open frame and place phone in the center

Adjust to phone size and tighten the screw

[App Control]

Enable Bluetooth settings to connect

View speed, mileage, and battery life.

Track GPS location

Set cruise control, check battery and more!

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