isinwheel S9Pro Electric Scooter | Foldable & 15-Mile Long Range

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isinwheel S9Pro Electric Scooter | Foldable & 15-Mile Long Range

Affordable Riding: Isinwheel S9Pro Electric Scooter for Powerful Performance and Long Range

– Powerful Brushless Motor: Equipped with a robust 350W brushless motor, ensuring consistent and stable power output.

– Impressive Battery Life: Featuring high-capacity 36V/7.5AH batteries, it offers an extended travel range of up to 18 miles under specific conditions.

– Advanced Braking System: The electric scooter comes with both disc braking and eABS regenerative anti-lock braking for enhanced safety.

– Intelligent Control Panel: The smart dashboard displays essential information such as battery life, speed, cruise control, and the ability to control lights.

– Brilliant Lighting: Designed with a reliable lighting system for safe nighttime riding.

– Excellent Hill Climbing: Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, the scooter effortlessly handles steep 20° hills while supporting riders up to 220 pounds.

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