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We’re talking the things you need to keep you safe when you’re on a board so listen up! Also, we cover a rundown of the UK Open for next weekend.

Entry to the UK Open will only be granted to competitors that follow the strict rules and regulations set out below.

General classifications:

− Safety gear: At the minimum, participants are obligated to wear a helmet and enclosed footwear. Evolve also recommend wearing additional safety gear including elbow pads, knee pads, full face helmets or mouth guards. Safety inspections will be conducted prior to the race and post if deemed necessary. Failure in any specification will disqualify the rider.

Race Rules:

There are strict rules governing on-track behaviour. Evolve race officials have the power to impose various penalties on riders committing an offence during a race. The following rules are to enforce a fair and safe race.
− False Start: Any false starts will suffer a 5 second time penalty. This may affect the overall standing position and progression through to the final rounds.
− Unfair Blocking: All overtaking must be conducted cautiously and both riders must provide adequate space of 0.5 metres from the edge of the track to allow for overtaking. Lapped riders must immediately turn to the left-hand side to allow for other riders to overtake in the safest manner. This is to prevent any incidents or any interfering with race results. Failure in meeting these regulations will result in a time penalty or disqualification.
− Berm and Corner Overtaking: If there are two riders on the berm/corner at the same time, the first person who enters the berm/corner gets right of way unless there is a clear and safe path to overtake. Any obstruction or impact on the initial rider will result in a time penalty or disqualification.
− Contact: Any intentional contact with other riders will result in an immediate disqualification for that race. Evolve holds full discretion to disqualify the participant for future races. Any unintentional contact with other riders can result in a time penalty. Each incident will be assessed at the time by Evolve race officials. The no contact rule will be enforced.

Qualifying regulations:

Each entrant will conduct a minimum of 4 races which will include 6 riders, a point system will be introduced to determine the qualification of the top 24 riders. Riders must be on the board when crossing the finish line for the time to be counted.

The top 20 positions will progress to the finals and scores accumulated in the qualifying rounds will be zeroed. Riders on equal points at the end of qualification races will be separated by the fastest race time recorded in any of the qualifying rounds.

For finals 5 participants will compete in each finals race with the top 2 finishers automatically progressing through to the next round. The final spots for the next round will be awarded to the two riders who had the fastest race time in the final.

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