Lou electric skateboard

Enjoy skateboarding but getting tired of all the pushing with your feet? There’s a new electric skateboard in town, and it’s looking to change the way you move.
Lou is the “lightest, fastest and most maneuverable electric skateboard with a hidden battery in the deck and motorized wheels,” claims SoFlow. It’s also, a SoFlow spokesperson tells Inverse, durable enough to handle any of the tricks you might do on a regular Penny board, which they say is a first in the world of electronic skateboards. Lou is made of carbon fiber, is powered by a 36V, 2AH (or 3, depending on the model) battery, and can reach a top speech of about 22 mph (or 35 kph). The Lou electric skateboard. “It takes two hours for a full charge, and our safety certifications are Msds, Un38.3, and CE,” says the spokesperson…
More info:
www.inverse.com/article/30571-electric-skateboard-kickstarter- changing-travel