Maxfind Max4 great value electric skateboard

Author: Maxfind via YouTube

Maxfind Max4 great value electric skateboard, fun to ride, fast and very powerful with crazy range thanks to it replaceable battery

Max 4 electric longboard, long battery life for communters. It’s mission is to make more people to experience convenient transportation in the city, and make commuters more enjoyable through high-quality electric skateboard.

If you are looking for a cheaper electric skateboard that is still heaps of fun to ride, the Maxfnd Max 4 is for you.

Some of the features of the Max 4 includes:

+ Go up to 20km/13miles with Standard Range, Up to 40km/26miles with Long Range, Up to 60km/40miles with Super Range

+ Up to 40km/h / 25mph (on full battery)

+ 2000W Brushless motor + Canadian maple deck

+ Remote with 3-speed modes

+ 4.4AH LG Lithium-Ion battery with custom BMS

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