Mellow School: How to update your Drive

Author: Mellow Boards via YouTube
Mellow School: How to update your Drive

The Mellow engineers have been working hard on our first major firmware update. With this update, the Mellow Drive gets polished with improvements to drive and battery firmware. And it also finally activates the Endless Ride mode, a first of its kind riding experience.

Moreover, the firmware update provides some further impressive new features. If you want to know all the details, check out our latest blog:

Note that the recalibration of the remote, described at the end of the video, isn’t necessary for the current firmware update, but will be a topic for a future firmware update.


If we just wanted to get from A to B we’d take the bus. Mellow is about the real concrete surf.

These are some of the most important key features of the Mellow Electric Skateboard Drive:
1. Fits on any Board
2. 40 km/h Top Speed
3. Dual Braking System
4. Made in Germany, 2 Year Warranty
5. Water and Dust Proof
6. Swappable Battery Pack, Powerbank, Air Travel Approved
7. App Support 24/7

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