Mellow Show – eSkate Lights

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Mellow Show - eSkate Lights

With the season’s changing it has become harder to see the road we ride on. It would be great to get a little help to see where we are going and avoid any surprises. In this episode of the Mellow Show we explore some simple options and solutions out there and others figured out by our owners. For skateboard light mounts the current standard is Shred Lights. They seem pretty solid and we have tested them on our Mellows, but the back lights don’t mount to a Mellow very easily so we wanted to test an alternative.

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eSkate Lights is the slightly cheaper alternative that have a mounting system that works on the Mellow. It is the first version and takes a little while to mount since you need to unscrew 6 screws and repeat if you want to recharge them. On the plus side these lights are super bright, have a couple modes, last for over an hour in the front and couple hours in the back. They are very water resistant which is an important feature to go with a Mellow that will be ridden through all the chaos that can be found on the streets and sidewalks in the fall. We really enjoyed the lights and suggest you give them a try if you are looking to illuminate your path!


If we just wanted to get from A to B we’d take the bus. Mellow is about the real concrete surf.

These are some of the most important key features of the Mellow Electric Skateboard Drive:
1. Fits on any Board
2. 40 km/h Top Speed
3. Dual Braking System
4. Made in Germany, 2 Year Warranty
5. Water and Dust Proof
6. Swappable Battery Pack, Powerbank, Air Travel Approved
7. App Support 24/7

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