My City, My Flow – Cape Town, South Africa

Author: Inboard via YouTube
My City, My Flow - Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa, โ€œThe Mother Cityโ€, represents the starting point of our monthly content series, โ€œMy City, My Flowโ€, where we bring a street-level perspective to amazing cities, deepening our connection with people and places, and exploring like never before! With the help of our friends at Dirty Habits, we put the M1 to the test. Featuring the tight city streets of Bo Kaap, the winding mountain roads of the Cape Peninsula, and all of our favorite spots in between, the M1 helped to make the journey, the destination.

Director: Craig Howes / Graham Howes
Producer: Craig Howes / Graham Howes
DOP: Craig Howes / Jop Heemskerk / Anton Lilljegren
Editor: Francois van Schalkwyk
Photography: Craig Howes

Skater 1 Graham Howes
Skater 2 Luke Mcgillewie
Skater 3 Mark Howes

Locations: Signal Hill, Bo-Kaap, Muizenberg, Kalk Bay