OpenPilot Self Driving: London, East to North – my first OP timelapse video

Author: makevoid via YouTube

First timelapse, driving around London, openpilot day 3!

I’m using a 12MP camera smartphone to record (Xiaomi Mi MIX S2), no stabilization.

This is really a quick video I planned to keep it unlisted but let’s publish it anyway 😀

In this video I’m showing how to perform the openpilot calibration phase and then example of driving

OP is super cool, I’m super excited about it but safety first is important guys:

You should read your car manual / watch videos about how ACC and LKAS work.
Maybe go and watch Tesla autopilot guidelines and autopilot video samples around how to engage and disengage the system (autopilot disengages by pressing one of the two pedals, acceleration or brake).

Self driving is not here yet – self driving is level 4 !

Openpilot gives you level 2 assistance – which is super cool anyway 😀

the system is designed to replace LKAS and ACC

HD Version (file .mov)

tags: #openpilot #commaai #selfdriving #level2AssistedCars

ACC – adaptive cruise control
LKAS – lane keep assist system
TSSP – safety sense, version p (or version 2 are supported by openpilot)

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