OpenPilot Self Driving: London, second drive timelapse – DRIVE #2

Author: makevoid via YouTube

Driving with OpenPilot steering assist, Canary Wharf, driving south – timelapse video#2

a bit slower this time, decreased the timelapese speed by half

you like it more like this? please let me know in the comments below!

Song is — “Chill” — (CCbyA) by: LoudTech


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video download link (.mov):

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tip for OP videomakers
if you want to do cool videos use a black glove on one hand and command the steering wheels secretly, no problem with this for safety reasons – ALWAYS KEEP A HAND ON THE STEERING WHEEL
I’m telling this to you if you have a honda which can be overridden with a grissino
next versions of OP will fix those don’t worry


Check video 1!

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