OpenPilot SelfDriving bits in Central London – Drive #7

Author: makevoid via YouTube

Drive 7 of this openpilot timelapse series, hope you’re enjoing it as much as I am making it 🙂

This time it’s Central London time!
I recorded a real drive from east to west, OP does well behind other cars at low speed and in general in all these roads where lane markings are clear, even if they’re very narrow. You can see I did some editing to cut where I had to intervene but I left a lot of stretches where OP did really well. I’m more and more impressed with OP every drive 🙂

Comment below if you want to see a specific stretch of road!
Note: Please choose wide roads 😀


OP Drives playlist:



Openpilot is an aftermarket LKAS system, the one that came with my new car wasn’t working very well, so I bought one from

Video installation guide:


Music: chill.
Artist: sakura Hz


My setup:

I’m using an action camera (akaso v50x), software stabilization, ND filter (4) mounted on the passenger seat via a phone/tablet mount.
Edited with Davinci Resolve (free) on Linux.

Car: 2016 Prius Active 1.8 (basic trim)

HD Version (file .mov)

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