Spectra electric skateboard with sensors underfoot

Nick Lavars

The market for electric skateboards is becoming rather crowded, which is
why we’re seeing companies getting more and more creative with how riders
can move the things around. The Spectra skateboard from New York-based
startup Walnutt is the latest example of this, doing away with the typical
handheld remote and using sensor pads built into the deck for control

Plenty of electric skateboards have rolled off the production line over the
last couple of years, with some interesting points of difference. Some with
batteries integrated into the decks, others with motors in the wheels and
others hide both away inside the wheels and trucks. But typically, they are
all controlled by way of a Bluetooth-connected handheld controller.

Well, not always. In March we looked at the Bird board which did away with
this remote and relied on a set of sensors built into the board to control
acceleration and braking when pressure is applied. The idea behind this
design is that it is apparently easier for novices to get the hang of, and
that is the same line being trumpeted by the team behind Spectra…

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