Video Compilation of Wowgo’s 2nd Anniversary Giveaway, Winners Get Free Wowgo 3 Electric Board

Author: Wowgoboard via YouTube

During wowgo’s 2nd anniversary, we’ve got dozens of wonderful videos, by watching your videos, we’re so moved by your passion, we know that you have put hours of effort to make the video. Although we have added another prize to the competition, it seems impossible to reward everyone with a wowgo 3 eboard. Here are some of the great vidoes that we have collected, we edited them into this compilation. Hope you enjoy it.

0:00 – 2:13 Peterson Winch
2:14 – 3:53 Gabbi Weiner (2022)
3:54 – 4:50 Merlijn van der Molen
4:51 – 5:05 charta7
5:06 – 6:10 movedby
6:11 – 6:19 Don Vovel
6:20 – 7:17 Nicolas Toninelli

Peterson recorded this video with his lovely dog. I think everyone who watched this will into the beautiful landscape. We also saw some interesting ideas here, shoot the basket on an eboard.

Gabbi doesn’t have one wowgo yet so she borrowed a wowgo eboard from her friend to record this video. This is also the reason why she took part in this competition, she wants to win the wowgo 3 giveaway!

Merlijn and his housemate recorded the video with wowgo 2s eboard. The video was good edited and with nice music, it is also the most viewed video during wowgo’s 2nd anniversary.

charta7 filmed this video with his puppy. He found electric board is a good way to solve subway delays. We also saw some cityscape of New York in this video.

movedby recorded his competition video with his daughter. He has owned a wowgo mini that used in this video, he wants to upgrade it to a longer wowgo 3 so he can take a comfortable cruising with his little sweety.

Thank you all for your terrific videos again, thank you all for being a part of wowgo’s 2nd anniversary.

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