Zill Board Zill eDrive Hill Climb Test – Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews Vlog No.80

Author: Andrew Penman via YouTube

Zill Board Zill eDrive Hill Climb Test -Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews Vlog No.80

Zill Board with its Zill eDrive Technology achieves Speed Record up Hill No.3 and No.4 on Hill Climb Test.

Zill Board Launch Worldwide “Full Unbox and First Ride” only by Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews YouTube )(

The Zill eDrive Technology “zero Voltage Sag” claim made by the company Zill Boards, has found to be correct/Verified on 16th July 2018✔️

The specifically designed bio mix of Graphene / Oxide LiPo Battery formula is founded and controlled by Zill Boards.

Zill Boards

Zill Boards….”The Way You Move”
Custom Trampa eBuilds
“Zill R-Spec Urban Carver”
– highest quality Trampa hardware including an unbreakable composite flex deck (14,15,16 ply)
-Trampa spring and damper carve trucks, machined aluminium with Titanium King pin and shaft.
– 5 spoke superstar wheels, aluminium hubs with DuPont composite plastic rims available with 125mm gummies or motorcycle grade 6.5″ all terrain pneumatic treads.
– satellite belt drive with precision machined aluminium components with multiple gearing options.
– fixing hardware ( screws, bolts and nuts) are a combination of Titanium and marine grade stainless steel.
– Custom engineered electrical system
“Zill Edrive”
– custom 3000w 6374 hand wound ultra high performance brushless motors (total peak power is 7000watts)
-custom no sag 7000mah 44.4v battery system with reinforced and removable packs for safe and compliant air travel.
– 200amp Multi fused electrical system capable of delivering over 500amps.
– Vesc6 dual motor controllers with fully customisable throttle and brake curves
– Zill Edrive is housed flush under the board in a flexible composite enclosure.
– Top speed of 60kph (37mph) and a range of 20km (12.5 miles)
The Zill R-Spec Urban Carver has no limits, built with the highest quality components and precision workmanship. There is no ” don’t do’s” with this board, take it anywhere, ride it anywhere and ride it hard with confidence.
That’s should be enough specs, you can cut it down or change things around as you see fit.

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