2022 Ecomobl TelumBA Electric MountainBoard Unboxing video, the serious competitor to trampa boards.

A new video by ecomobl electric skateboard via YouTube
2022 Ecomobl TelumBA Electric MountainBoard Unboxing video, the serious competitor to trampa boards.


Its wheels have larger hubs and come with two sets of tires that are unique on the market, 250mm*55mm and 250mm*90mm. It has four newest and more powerful motors.

It uses a 21-layer carbon fiber deck, this kind of material is superior to other carbon fiber decks’ material on the market. And it works with less noise.

(1) The unique 10 inches mountain board with enormous wheels on the market can help you conquer all kinds of terrains. (meadow, muddy road, snow, rugged mountain path and so on). It possesses larger size and stronger power. Compared with other mountain boards, it is absolutely the eldest brother.

(2) It is the only mountain board on the market that integrates the lights on to the truck. It is quite easy for you to ride at nighttime with it. The combination of carbon fiber deck as well as carbon fiber battery case gives it impeccable appearance.

(3) The new Telum is the unique springboard that owns lights and an alternative battery at the same time. It can give you so much power to concentrate on jumping and never get nervous about carry your board home at the end of the day. You can even explore some of the more exciting trails or lanes at nighttime when all of your friends are forced to just watch you play or head back home.

(4) Foot straps with strong quality give you faith to crush any intense corners and grab air at you want. And do not need to worry about any sloppy trails. The new waterproof ESCs (motherboards) can undertake the moisture as long as you do not soak the board in the water.

(5) From the lower center of gravity of the carbon fiber drop deck to the 10-inch solid rubber tires and completing with the carbon fiber battery case,this 14000 Watt beast dominates over any other boards.

(6) Fast Swappable alternative Battery Pack.

You are able to change the battery case rapidly. An alternative battery can by placed in a backpack or tied on the rear part of the board. When the main battery runs out, easily swap it with another battery. The time of your riding is infinite ! And you will never need to walk your Esk8 back home !

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