All You Need To Know About Electrlc Skateboard and Longboard

By SlickRevolution

*Electric is the Future – Where we are now? *
Electric Skateboards, Electric Scooters, Hoverboards.
Electric tech is in many people’s homes already. It’s becoming more
affordable, better quality and overall better tech!

*Improvmg all the time*
Technology is moving at an unprecedented rate. We’re not just talking about
the LHC or space travel. We’re talking about in our homes, in our pockets,
under our feet. Its accessible to everyone everywhere.

There’s work being done on graphite based batteries which charge in minutes
and last hours like a capacitor.
Will we see this in our homes soon? Who’s to say, but were heading in the
right direction.
The ame batteries that are in your laptop can now power an electric
skateboard, electric cars and even people’s homes.

*Motors, Leaps and Bounds!*
Motors have progressed hugely. Smaller more compact motors with greater
torque and efficiency.
Torque, it’s all about torque. Electric motors have enormous torque. Slick
Revolutions electric skateboard range has a 3:1 ratio drive belt. Meaning
for every turn of the motor, the wheel turns 3 times.
This is the golden ratio of speed and torque for our Electric skateboards.

*Wireless Control*
Wireless RC control has been around for years. People lost their minds when
the Wii came out and you could control things wireless in your home. The
price of wireless connectivity, namely Bluetooth has progressed in to the
electric skateboard. No more wires and no more expense.

*Where next?*
Slick Revolution are working on a board which integrates the battery in to
the Deck.
No more battery pack? Sounds nice! We’re also working on integrating the
motor in to the wheel so that’s hidden too. One day well have a board where
you can’t even tell its powered. It’s not too far away either. We’ll keep
you posted.

All You Need To Know About Electrlc Skateboard and Longboard
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