Chinese Start-up Unveils ‘Tesla Of Electric Skateboard’ With Self-Learning A.I.

Chinese start-ups have already disrupted the smart bicycle scene both at
home and abroad, and if these young tech entrepreneurs have their way,
they’ll do the same with skateboarding soon.

Walnutt is one of several start-ups (which I’ll look into later) with
electric skateboards hitting the market soon. The Shenzhen-based company’s
product, named the Spectra, launched on Indiegogo in May and has already
way surpassed its goal, raising close to US$300,000 so far.

So we’ve seen electronic skateboards before, what makes the Spectra
different? It’s supposedly the world’s first board with an A.I. system that
can learn your postures. That means the board can understand your body’s
behavior and know when to speed up and, more importantly, slow down…

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