Apex Jump Drive – Installation How To

Video by Lee Wright via YouTube
Apex Jump Drive - Installation How To

So you’ve seen the new awesome Apex Jump drive? Wondering how it goes together? Lets take a look at the features of this drive, install a pair together and go for a short ride to get an idea for the noise!

Available here – https://www.electricskateboarding.co.uk/jump-drive/apex-jump-drive

00:00 – Intro
00:42 – What is the Jump Drive?
05:20 – Installation start
08:15 – How the paired gears work
12:08 – Fractional difference mount
13:38 – Motor adaptor
14:40 – Thrust bearing Installation
15:45 – Motor gear with circle retainer
21:10 – test ride (noise example)

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Author: Lee Wright