ATSA Everyday Carry E-SKATE Backpack | IN DEPTH LOOK | Worth it? | What’s In My Bag!

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ATSA Everyday Carry E-SKATE Backpack | IN DEPTH LOOK | Worth it? | What's In My Bag!

There’s no detailed video on the internet about this awesome but expensive ATSA Electric Skateboard Everyday Carry Backpack, so… we decide to make one. $200? Worth it? Let’s find out!

0:00 $200 Backpack?
0:20 Backpack Details
1:00 Top Compartment
1:20 Middle Compartment
1:48 Special Helmet Carrier
2:30 Water Bottle Holder
2:45 Magnetic Side Pockets!
3:20 Side Pocket with Zipper
3:30 Tripod Holder
3:50 Awesome Magnetic Buckles!
4:12 Magnetic Top Access
4:40 Front Access
5:09 Tools and Cables Organizer
5:36 Extra Battery Compartment
6:00 Shoes Compartment
6:18 Detachable Laptop Case
7:40 Spacious?
8:11 Selfie Stick Holder
8:39 Backside
8:55 RFID Block Compartment
9:20 How to Carry Your Eskate?
11:45 Eskate Rain Cover
12:17 Conclusion
13:03 Weaknesses

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