Backfire G2T electric skateboard Turbo and Speed Modes Explained | High Powered Electric Skateboard

Author: Backfire Boards via YouTube

Backfire G2T’s Turbo and Speed Modes Explained.
This is the 9th introduction video for Backfire G2T electric skateboard
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Imagine using a board with four modes. To go from the fourth mode to the third mode, you need to click on the mode button 3 times. But really who uses so many modes? On the G2T, there are just 2 modes: Eco and Sport.
Eco mode serves multiple purposes. It’s a slower mode appropriate for beginners, and fast enough for taking a stress-free, leisurely cruise. It’s also good for when you need to ride a longer distance, as Sport mode will use up the battery more quickly.
Sport mode is for going fast, for the adrenaline junkie and those with a need for speed. Those are the only two modes you need, and you only have to click the mode button once to switch to the other mode. No need to click through a bunch of modes that you’ll never use.
And then of course there’s the Turbo mode for when you need that extra boost in power, such as to overtake a scooter, to get up a hill, or to simply go even faster than Sport mode.
Once the Turbo button is pressed, Turbo mode is activated for 30 seconds. Then there’s a 30-second cool off period to protect the battery and help it last longer. Use Turbo responsibly!

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