Introduction to all accessories on ZealotS

Video by Backfire Boards via YouTube
Introduction to all accessories on ZealotS

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Backfire ZealotS electric longboard
Range: 30-40km / 19-24miles (80kg rider S mode 30km/h speed flat road)
Speed: 48KM/h / 30MPH
Battery: 50.4V 346Wh, Changhong Sunpower Cells (Equivalent to 42V 9.6Ah)
Motors: 2 x 875w High Torque Motors, again supplied by Hobbywing, with incredible power whilst accelerating and climbings
Deck: Flexible Maple with Glass Fiber and ABS
Wheels: 96mm Replaceable
Trucks: 8 Inch Forged CNC Trucks
Lights: LED Ambient Light
System: 12S High Voltage and High Efficiency Electronic System with 21700 Battery Cells Output Current=60A

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