BACKFIRE Ranger X3 unboxing

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BACKFIRE Ranger X3 unboxing

Today, we are bringing you a new product Ranger X3
It is also the last product to be released by BACKFIRE in 2020…
If you are an avid off-road enthusiast, then you will have many expectations…
This is now the third generation of Ranger
Compared with the previous generation Ranger, it has three significant improvements…

1. First of all it uses a 21700 battery with a higher discharge capacity, the entire battery capacity reaches 518Wh, providing you with a battery life which extends to 28-35km, which is 17-22miles, this translates to a 15% longer range than the previous generation…

2. Secondly, the new X3 adopts the design of a one-piece flexible battery, the ground clearance of the battery case has been increased from 7.5cm to 9.8cm, which greatly improves it’s cross-country capabilities…

3. Thirdly, the structure of the entire motor has been optimised, which makes the power 30% greater than the previous generation, with this increase in power, it’s hill climbing ability has been greatly improved & can now match a belt driven system

4. In addition, you can rest assured, with a whole one year warranty… Backfire prides itself within the industry for offering this pledge…


Night Lights Backfire Cannon:
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Where is board ship from?
Boards in the EU ship from depo in Hamburg, Germany but sales support and customer service is in Windermere in the UK. Boards in the USA ship from our LA office and they also deal with service and support. Our main manufacturing and development office is in the Shenzhen region of China.

How do I pair the remote with the board?
Check this link:

Can Backfire be used like a normal skateboard when it’s out of power?
Yes, our boards are totally push friendly and will ride like a traditional skateboard when not on the throttle or when there is no battery.

Is my Backfire board waterproof?
The waterproof level of Backfire boards is IP55.
Riding over small puddles will not damage the board, nor will riding in light rain, however never submerge the board in the water and stop riding if the conditions lead to standing water on roads or track.
When you have finished riding in wet conditions it’s important to dry the board off with a rag and then spin the wheels using the motor and remote for two minutes to remove any access water. If the board did go through deeper standing water it may be a good idea to remove the outer case and gentle towel dry any visible water and then leave the board in a warm dry place.
Never leave a wet board upside down in the damp or this can cause the water to bypass the seal and ingress into the electronics. Your remote should also be kept dry and warm after use in the rain.

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