Electronic of Backfire Hammer electric skateboard

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Electronic of Backfire Hammer electric skateboard

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The battery of The Hammer still adopts the structure of 12S3P, with a maximum voltage output of 50.4V
using 21700 cells, 4000mah batteries, the capacity of the entire battery is 12Ah, 518Wh

This configuration provides you with a battery life of between 28-35km, which is 17-21miles, which makes it 15%-20% higher, than the previous generation

The battery cell in my hand is the 21700 cell, that we use in the G3, the Zealot series, Ranger & now The Hammer. The brand of battery we use, come from Changhong SunPower, a very well respected & highly recognised supplier of quality batteries…

These batteries are not as famous as Panasonic, Sanyo and Samsung, yet this large factory, has an annual output value of $500 million USD… Backfire has been using this supplier since 2019 without any problems

On our official website, you can clearly find various parameters, of the battery supplied with each product, so that you can determine how much capacity your skateboard has, and how far the battery can run. We do not hide this key information, and believe that our consumers have the right to know

Now let’s take a single battery to show it’s special features. First of all, it is a flexible battery

And you can see, it is all incredibly well sealed, which makes it much more waterproof than the previous generation

There are 4 tail lights, controlled by the remote control… (show)

Electronic control:

Backfire Hammer now adopts the Hobbywing’s 12S high-voltage electronic control, with ultra-low failure rate, and boasts particularly smooth acceleration.

This remote supports a board, on/off switch, which means that you no longer have to bend down, to turn the board on or off, from the button underneath

When you turn on the remote control, the skateboard will automatically turn on, and when you turn off the remote control, the skateboard will automatically power off, which is super convenient…

I would like to introduce this part in particular

Originally, we planned to equip the same motor (the 5255) as the zealots, and we thought the power would be enough… However…

But at the final moment, our team decided to build this electric skateboard, into a very aggressive, off road board, with intense acceleration and climbing ability. So we decided to use the 6370 motor. The power limit is 1600w times 2. Look how small zealots motor looks, side by side…

Check out this particularly thick wire. This is 14 guage American wire , which can carry a current of 30a, and the two motors over there, can carry a current of 60A !!!

Interestingly, there is a famous off-road electric skateboard brand, which claims to use 6000W motors, but it’s motor type is only 6368, which is smaller than this motor. I don’t know whether the designer of this product doesn’t understand circuitry or just likes to deceive consumers… you be the judge…


Night Lights Backfire Cannon: https://www.backfireboards.com/collections/electric-skateboard-accessories/products/backfire-cannon-ii-electric-skateboard-lights
Backfire 风林火山T-shirt: https://bit.ly/2OG1rGy


Where is board ship from?
Boards in the EU ship from depo in Hamburg, Germany and Boards in the USA ship from our LA office and they also deal with service and support. Our main manufacturing and development office is in the Shenzhen region of China.

How do I pair the remote with the board?
Check this link: https://youtu.be/pzyxVNpRsm8

Can Backfire be used like a normal skateboard when it’s out of power?
Yes, our boards are totally push friendly and will ride like a traditional skateboard when not on the throttle or when there is no battery.

Is my Backfire board waterproof?
The waterproof level of Backfire boards is IP55.
Riding over small puddles will not damage the board, nor will riding in light rain, however never submerge the board in the water and stop riding if the conditions lead to standing water on roads or track.
When you have finished riding in wet conditions it’s important to dry the board off with a rag and then spin the wheels using the motor and remote for two minutes to remove any access water. If the board did go through deeper standing water it may be a good idea to remove the outer case and gentle towel dry any visible water and then leave the board in a warm dry place.
Never leave a wet board upside down in the damp or this can cause the water to bypass the seal and ingress into the electronics. Your remote should also be kept dry and warm after use in the rain.

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Electronic of Backfire Hammer electric skateboard
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