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Perfect Snowboard Substitute by Team Miles (Miles Board – Miles Blogs)

Time to put away your mittens and beanie, The sun is out!  I know, you’re bummed you can’t snowboard anymore… But what if there was something else you could do.  Something that doesn’t involve:  Lift Lines Wet Socks Being Cold Clipping In and Out Waiting for Fresh Pow Spending Thousands on Gear Driving Up Sketchy Roads … Skip the B.S. and try out an electric skateboard. Miles has practically recreated the snow board using double kingpin trucks, all-terrain wheels, and a long deck. So […]

How to Make Your Electric Skateboard Batteries Last by Ralph Cope (Linky Innovation)

There are few things more annoying than having an electric… The post How to Make Your Electric Skateboard Batteries Last appeared first on Linky Innovation.


Electric Skateboard, Electric Longboard with Remote for Adults and Teens, 450W Brushless Motor, 20 MPH Top Speed, 12.5 Miles Range, 5+2+1 Plys Maple, Bamboo and Glass Fiber (Upgraded)…

Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboardby ownboard (ownboard)

Vendor: ownboardType: Carbon ATPrice: 1799.00 – 1999.00 (8 variants) About the Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro  Following our wildly successful launch of the Zeus, we knew it wasn’t enough. If we haven’t already made it clear. We refuse to accept the status quo. We went back and studied each and every detail of the board over and over again. We went and scoured all the internet forums and user groups to collect every sliver of feedback and every comment […]

‘All Electric’ Race Eventby Team Miles (Miles Board – Miles Blogs)

Miles Board joined the electric community in an ‘all things electric’ race event! Professional riders from all over the country joined the event and the races did not disappoint! We sent our film team to the event to capture all the action and they couldn’t believe how much fun it was. This event got us thinking…. Should we hold a Miles Board race event?  Leave a comment on the video if you would be interested in joining⚡️The Best Electric Skateboard Accessoriesby Ralph Cope (Linky Innovation)

Electric skateboards are already a TON of fun to ride…. The post The Best Electric Skateboard Accessories appeared first on Linky Innovation.

ONSRA – First Aid Screw and Bearings KITby rideonsra (rideonsra)

Vendor: ONSRAType: AccessoriesPrice: 45.00 ONSRA – First Aid Screw and Bearings KIT Make sure you never run out spare parts for your board with our new KIT. Includes everything for your ONSRA BLACK Carve and Challenger: 2x Wheel Bearings 2x Pulley Bearings 4x Inner Bushings  4x Barrel 100A 95% Rebound 4x Cones 100A 95% Rebound 2x Wheel Bearing Spacer 4x Washers 4x Direct Drive Motor Bolts 4x Belt Drive Motor Bolts 2x Truck Wheel Nuts 2x Truck Kingpin Nuts 2x […]

Ownboard W2 Pro ( 2 in 1 ) – Electric Skateboard with Dual Belt Motor (USA local delivery)by ownboard (ownboard)

Vendor: ownboardType: W2 ProPrice: 749.00 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Maximum speed: Beginner mode: 15.5 mph (25 km/h)Intermediate mode: 24 mph (39 km/h)Proficiency mode: 26-28mph (42-45 km/h) Fully charged range: 21700 2P12S 8 .0Ah: 15 -18 miles (25 ~ 30 kilometers) Maximum load: 120 kg (265 lb) Uphill: 30% Weight: 8.8 kg (19 .5lb) Deck: Fiberglass bamboo, 38 * 9.05 inches, Flex design Engine: 5255 Double belt motor, 160 Kv 750W * 2 Wheel: […]

Replacement Electric Skateboard Belts for ONSRAby rideonsra (rideonsra)

Vendor: rideonsraType: Price: 29.00 Replacement Drive belt for all ONSRA Belt Drive Boards.  One of the best quality belts on the market providing fantastic power while running very quietly.     40T – Used with the 270 Belts  45T – Used with 285 Belts  60T – AT Off-Road 335 Belts 66T –  AT Off-Road 360 Belts SOLD AS A PAIR 

ONSRA Bash Guardby rideonsra (rideonsra)

Vendor: rideonsraType: Price: 69.00 We designed our ONSRA Bash Guard originally for the Challenger Belt and the Black Carve 2 Belt Version. Because of the kicktail you can easily scratch the motors. Well we just really love the lock of bash guard on our BLACK Carve Belt Version. Not only does it look good it also protects the motors and belts from stones flying around.  The Kit is made out of CNC 7075 Aluminium.  In your box you will find:     2 x CNC Side […]

Electric Skateboard Bushings HARD 100A – NEW Bushing Insertsby rideonsra (rideonsra)

Vendor: rideonsraType: Price: 14.00 – 29.00 (3 variants) NEW Bushing inserts The new bushing inserts are made to help avoid speed wobble and wheel-bite. They will reduce the play on your trucks which make them more stable to ride at high speed and create an overall better carve and riding feeling.   Features Chemically bonded core insert High rebound urethane Hardness: 100A  Benefits No break in period Highly responsive turns Increased truck […]

ONSRA Logo Hoodieby rideonsra (rideonsra)

Vendor: ONSRAType: AccessoriesPrice: 64.00 Relaxed fit Heavy weight, 10.3 oz/yd2 100% Cotton French Terry Pullover hood, raglan sleeves, kangaroo pocket, metal tipped tonal drawcord Hem and sleeve 2×2 ribbing, un-lined hood Cover stitching on seams, preshrunk to minimize shrinkage

ONSRA Logo T-Shirtby rideonsra (rideonsra)

Vendor: ONSRAType: t-shirtPrice: 34.00 Rep ONSRA in Style Regular fit Crew Neck 100% combed cotton (heathers 15% viscose) Neck ribbing, side seamed, shoulder to shoulder tape, double needle hems, preshrunk to minimize shrinkage  

Direct Drive Motor Electric Skateboard 12S KITby rideonsra (rideonsra)

Vendor: rideonsraType: Price: 549.00 – 769.00 (3 variants) Direct Drive Motor System You will be amazed at how smooth the new direct drive motors feel. ONSRA’s new direct drive system provides an insane amount of torque and smooth acceleration. Using the highest quality of materials to last you thousands miles!  31+ mph with buttery smooth acceleration and take off power. Best paired with ONSRA’s airless 105x66mm 60 Durometer rubber wheels.  3000 WATTS […]

ONSRA Electric Skateboards Remote Controllerby rideonsra (rideonsra)

Vendor: ONSRAType: AccessoriesPrice: 99.00 ONSRA X Hobbywing ESC Remote Controller has a new ergonomic design. It features an oversized roller thumb wheel for precise control of acceleration and braking. Wireless connectivity up to 15 meters for safety. The LCD shows you: Current Speed  battery status Remote Controller  battery status of your ESK8 Different Speed Modes 1, 2 and 3  Unit System: KM/H or MPH Change the Wheel Diameter: Everything from 80 to 180mm  […]

105MM ONSRA CLOUDWHEELS – Electric Skateboard Wheelsby rideonsra (rideonsra)

Vendor: rideonsraType: AccessoriesPrice: 129.00 Anyone who has ever ridden a skateboard, longboard or electric skateboard will know the dangers of small rocks and stones. The bigger your wheels the more easily they roll over obstacles. Jumping from an 83m diameter to 105mm may not sound like a lot but SIZE DOES MATTER The 105mm diameter allows you to roll up drop-curbs and forget about small pebbles which would previously have you chewing the tarmac. Super Smooth! […]

Replacement parts Pneumatic AT wheelsby rideonsra (rideonsra)

Vendor: ONSRA EuropeType: AccessoriesPrice: 10.00 – 51.00 (10 variants) Replacements parts for AT Wheels It’s alway good to have spare parts in your back pocket!   Features Works with ONSRA 150mm AT wheels Long lasting Fits Evolve 150mm AT Wheels  

Discover the Most Bike-Friendly Cities in Europeby Ralph Cope (Linky Innovation)

Biking is HUGELY popular in Europe. More than a hobby,… The post Discover the Most Bike-Friendly Cities in Europe appeared first on Linky Innovation.

ONSRA Armored Reflective Long Sleeveby rideonsra (rideonsra)

Vendor: ONSRAType: AccessoriesPrice: 99.00 – 119.00 (10 variants) This is the first ever Armored Long-Sleeve made for electric skateboarders. Perfect for the warmer days of the year.  With this motorcycle level off protection you don’t have to worry about the Long Sleeve breaking in case of a crash.     Product Details:  Inner protective lining: 100% *DuPont™ Kevlar® Highly reflective Ribknit Band on bottom & cuff Outer Layer: 100% Jersy […]

A Safety Reminder from BackfireBoardsby JERRY TONG (Backfire Boards – Electric Skateboarding)

Batteries can be dangerous, and it is a challenge that E-boards and any PEV that uses lithium-ion batteries face. There have been a few incidents in our community as a whole that makes us as a company want to educate our customers about lithium-ion battery safety. We have linked a very informative video below about fire issues that electric cars have at the moment. As stated in the video linked above: most of the responsibility for battery safety is on the supplier/manufacturers, but some of […]

5 Top Tips for Buying an Electric Skateboardby Gabriela Damaceno (Evolve Skateboards USA – News)

Get the best e-skate for your needs by following these 5 top tips, so you make the right choice in the first instance. More

How to Choose the Right Electric Longboard or Skateboardby Ralph Cope (Linky Innovation)

As electric longboards and skateboards become a more popular means… The post How to Choose the Right Electric Longboard or Skateboard appeared first on Linky Innovation.

Electric Skateboard Colorado: the local sceneby Gabriela Damaceno (Evolve Skateboards USA – News)

Get a glimpse into what riding an electric skateboard in Colorado is all about More

Freedom to move into the city of the Paolo (Linky Innovation)

Freedom is feeling unrestricted, of not depending on something or… The post Freedom to move into the city of the future. appeared first on Linky Innovation.

ACTON acquires leading micromobility infrastructure provider DUCKTby ACTON Team (ACTON)

Acquisition enables ACTON to provide end-to-end micromobility solutions for cities, companies and micro-modal operators that include e-vehicles, charging, docking and cloud-based software infrastructure. San Francisco, CA – February 10 2022 – Micromobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) pioneer ACTON INC (ACTON) has acquired DUCKT, a leading European provider of docking and charging infrastructure solutions for electric micromobility vehicles. By merging these with its

Plutonium 2 review!by Markus Johnson (Bioboards Eskate – Blog)

The Plutonium 2: the strongest, fastest, most stable and most feature rich board with incredible range just went through a hard independent test! See the review and test made by Pavel Garmas. Part 1: Unpacking and a first look at Plutonium 2 Part 2: Ride video and real life test of Plutonium 2: Do you want to experience the feeling of the highest quality and infinite power under your feet? Order your board today here: Plutonium 2

 Tips For Planning A Skate Dateby Nicole Beilke (Revel Boards – Blog)

In honor of February and Valentine’s Day, we’re showing the romantic side of skateboarding. If you’re looking for fun date ideas, skateboarding or longboarding can provide the excitement you’re looking for if you are both down for adventure. Whether it’s a first date, double date or a self care day for those who are flying solo, choosing the right gear and setting are key for a memorable time. Here are our tips for planning any skate date.  What Board(s) To Bring If you each have […]

Friendship as an added value in our Companyby Paolo (Linky Innovation)

In this article, we told you the story about how… The post Friendship as an added value in our Company appeared first on Linky Innovation.

Rider Storiesby Paolo (Linky Innovation)

Share your perspective about how riding changes the way you… The post Rider Stories appeared first on Linky Innovation.

The Importance of Passionby Paolo (Linky Innovation)

In this article, I want to tell you more about… The post The Importance of Passion appeared first on Linky Innovation.

How To Pair Your Miles Remoteby Team Miles (Miles Board – Miles Blogs)

Pairing your remote might seem stressful, but trust me… it’s easy!  This video will walk you through pairing your remote for both The Phantom and The Sex Panther.  You’ll be a pro in no time! 

Lou 1.0 – RED/BLKby mikeyusi (E-Boards – SoFlow)

LOU is portable. She is only 25 inches long. LOU 1.0 is lightweight. She is only 10.5 lbs. LOU keeps you on the go with easy-swap battery, wheels and deck. LOU 1.0 has a 36V, 2.2Ah battery taking you up to 8 miles. LOU 1.0 will keep the wind in your hair with speeds up to 17 mph. The post Lou 1.0 – RED/BLK appeared first on SoFlow.

Miles Board 2021 Year Recap by Team Miles (Miles Board – Miles Blogs)

2021 was a crazy year for Miles Board! – Wrapped up the Phantom Launch Campaign. – Launched The Sex Panther.  – Shipped out hundreds of boards and now have full stock. – Visited multiple trade shows. – Created new innovative accessories.  Thank you to everyone who helped our year be so special! If you want to catch up on everything we did, check out all our videos. Get ready for 2022 and some amazing new adventures.