[ESK8 REPORT] World’s First Open Source Electric Skateboard Platform – RELOADED

Video by Electric Skateboard Builder Via YouTube
[ESK8 REPORT] World's First Open Source Electric Skateboard Platform - RELOADED

This video was originally uploaded in September 2020. However, due to an alleged copyright infringement claim by Andrew Dresner, the founder of FreeSk8, youtube took the original version down. I have now removed material that may have been considered copyright infringement.

BONUS CONTENT: If you want to download free esk8 design files I have recently made all the parts used to manufacture the Raptor freely available here: https://electric-skateboard.builders/t/raptor-2-design-files-free-opensource-electric-skateboard-parts/114197

I hope you enjoy this educational video about open-source esk8.

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