Exway Wave Performance Review | Plus Mini Gut Run!

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Exway Wave Performance Review | Plus Mini Gut Run!

The Exway Wave is a capable mini board that combines top notch build quality with smooth performance. The Wave is one of the best overall mini boards in the market and id s blast to ride. But how does it perform versus the Backfire Mini, Boosted Mini X or Vestar Mini? Watch the Wave compete with other mini boards on the Mini Gut and see where you rank after the first of four predictions!

This is also the first video in the latest Prediction Contest that gives viewers a chance to compete for an electric skateboard! See below for the rules and the prize options.

Contest rules:

1. Must be 18 years old to participate
2. This is a game of skill, not a random giveaway!
3. The skateboard will NOT be shipped OUTSIDE the US
4. Entries will be made by writing a prediction in the comment section of the review video for each board
5. 2 videos for each board: a review video (where the predictions are made) and a performance video (where the results of the predictions are announced).
6. Viewers will predict the “The Gut” time for the WowGo Knight, Backfire G2 Black, and the Eovan GTS, as well as the “Mini Gut” time for the Exway Wave, for a total of 4 predictions.
7. Predictions for the Mini Gut will be to 1 decimal place. Any prediction with more than 1 decimal place will be rounded to the nearest 0.1s for entry purposes.
8. Predictions for The Gut will be to 0 decimal places. Any prediction with additional decimal places will be rounded to the nearest full second for entry purposes.
9. The tie-breaker is 1st to comment/enter on the final video. So, the earlier you comment the better.
10. No edited entries will be permitted
11. No entries will be accepted after 36 hours from when each “review” video was uploaded.
12. The closer the prediction is to final time, the more points will be awarded.
13. Predictions +/- 0.5 seconds on the Mini Gut will be awarded points.
14. Predictions +/- 5 seconds on The Gut will be awarded points.
15. Points per prediction will be awarded as follows 100, 70, 50, 30, 20, an 10 for a max total of 400
16. Good luck and let’s have a little fun!

Winner’s Prize – Choice of Exway Wave, WowGo Knight, Backfire G2 Black, and Eovan GTS

Exway Link

WowGo Link

Backfire Link

Eovan Link

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Author: JohnPaulYT