First time riding a Trampa w/ Tim Wood

A new video by Trampa Boards via YouTube
First time riding a Trampa w/ Tim Wood

Tim Wood is an Electric Skateboard enthusiast, though he had never before properly ridden a Trampa!?

We invited Tim up to Trampa Boards HQ to ride one and see what its all about.

Go for a test ride yourself:

Visit the Trampa Website:

Watch Tim’s Videos (He made some of his trip):

Eskate & Eskater, Electric Longboards or Mountainboards. Its not an Electric Bike or a Mountainbike. Though it is really fast and Electric Powered. Lithion Ion batteries like Tesla or Porsche, but not an Electric Car is an Electric Board. Nottingham, England, UK is where Trampa HQ is.
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Author: Trampa Boards