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Amon talks about & puts together The Trampa 18650 Battery Pack–84-x-18650-cells-to-give-21a-of-range–requires-mkiv-classic-monster-box-onwards-to-fit–uk-customers-only-p-28978.html

Trampas battery packs are the latest in innovative battery technology. These packs offer a high energy density (WH per Volume) and are therefore perfect to power our mountainboards or other applications.

So what makes these packs so special?

The Trampa Battery Pack Technology doesn’t use spot welding to interconnect the individual cells. The connection is made via a special, 25A fused contact element, designed and manufactured by TRAMPA BOARDS LTD.

Using this pack allows you to purchase cells locally and fit them into a 12S7P cell array. After closing the pack, you have a perfect battery with a perfect battery management system. And if a cell goes bad one day, you can swap out individual p-groups in no time.

If your cells reach their end of life, you can simply buy new cells and recycle the old. So instead of buying a new and expensive pack, you will only need relatively cheap new cells. The initial investment might equal the investment of a pre-made pack, but as soon as it’s time to replace the cells, the price drop in getting a second pack is dramatic. Spot welded pack can’t be serviced and are pretty much useless the day one cell goes bad! Way too many good cells end in recycling these days, only because they sit next to a bad cell, permanently interconnected via a spot weld – we resolved this issue and offer an environmentally friendly solution so that the same pack can stay healthy for a way longer period of time.


There is no wiring involved. Everything is PCB based, neat, tidy and clean.


The BMS on this device is the latest in BMS technology. Using the same chipset that is used by the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer TESLA, this pack features a self-monitoring system of automotive-grade. Besides that, the system monitors the pack temperature in several locations and allows placement of an additional temperature sensor that can be attached directly to a cell in the middle of the pack. A humidity sensor monitors the humidity inside the enclosure so that water ingress can be spotted via App. Did I say App? Yes, the pack is connectable to the famous VESC-Tool App. You can not only monitor the pack but also work on your pack and start and stop balancing, even if you’re not charging at that time. The BMS also features CAN-Bus connection and VESC motor controllers can therefore know individual cell voltages, so that a low voltage cutoff can be executed in reference to the lowest cell voltage in the pack, preventing over-discharge of individual P-groups. The BMS features SWD, CAN and USB connectivity. FW updates can be managed via VESC-Tool and the CAN interface. CAN also allow you to couple individual packs to form a bigger battery array (in series, in parallel or both). The CAN Bus is therefore 600V isolated.


– Individual cell fusing will give you the confidence that each cell in the pack is secured against short-circuiting. A faulty cell would be decoupled within seconds and would therefore not cause any further danger.

– Temperature monitoring in up to 5 locations of the pack.

– Humidity sensor

– Self-monitoring, automotive-grade chipset.

– App connectivity lets you see what is going on with your pack. Are my cells all healthy and good?

– Charge port with Mosfet switch allows the BMS to decouple the charger at any time.

– Easy to service and extract unhealthy cells.

Pack capacity is roughly 1KWh:

Sony VTC 6: 3120mAh x 7 = 21840mAh = 969Wh

Samsung Q30: 3000mAh x 7 = 21000mAh = 932Wh

LG 18650 MJ1: 3500mAh x 7 =24500mAh = 1087Wh

Build time:

Roughly 45 minutes

Flight legal:

-Extract cells and box in air travel safe 99Wh packs

-Check with Airline prior to flight

-Reassemble pack after arrival

1x 1x Glass Fibre UPPER Panel for 18650 Battery Pack
1x 1x Upper PCB For 18650 Battery Box
1x 1x Lower PCB For 18650 Battery Box
1x 1x Glass Fibre Lower Panel for 18650 Battery Pack
2x 2x Glass fibre Battery Spacers for 18650 Battery Pack
24x 24x M3x 60mm Hex Spacer Stand Off’s
24x 24x M3x 8mm Countersunk TORX Bottom Bolts – Stainless Steel
24x 24x M3x 20mm Countersunk TORX Top Bolts – Stainless Steel
168x 168 x Massive Rivets integrated into the 2x PCB’s
3x 30cm BLACK TRAMPA Silicon Coated Cable
3x 30cm Red TRAMPA Silicon Coated Cable
1x 1x Genuine XT90 Male Connectors
1x 1x Genuine XT90 Female Connectors
2x Professional Soldering on XT90 Plugs
2x 80mm BLACK TRAMPA Silicone Cable
2x 80mm RED TRAMPA Silicone Cable
2x 1x XT90s Anti Spark Female Connector
2x 1x XT90 Male Connector
2x Professional SOLDERING Charge for MONSTER Box Loop Key
84x 84x 18650 SONY VT6 Batteries makes 12s-7p pack
1x 1x Assembly Charge
Weight: 5,582g

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