How to Install Axles onto Longboard CNC Trucks

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How to Install Axles onto Longboard CNC Trucks

How to Install Axles onto Longboard CNC Trucks

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Extended Axles are extended axles from standard length skateboard/longboard trucks.

Standard skateboard/longboard axle length use the following parts – 1mm Washer + 7mm Bearing + 10mm Bearing Spacer + 7mm Bearing + 1mm Washer for a total of 26mm axle length.

For our Extended Longboard Axles we add a +10mm length to the axle length which equals out to be a 36mm axle length.

You would add a 10mm bearing spacer on the inside of the axle to fill this space in.

– Use leverage to tighten axles. Hold it down and/or bolt trucks to your deck. You want the axles tight so they do not come loose.
– Wait 24 hours but 48 hours is better. Test your axles and make sure they do not come out.
– Recommended to use a blow torch/heat to remove the threadlock seal.

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