Introducing the Backfire G5s Electric Skateboard – Technical Breakdown

Introducing the Backfire G5s Electric Skateboard - Technical Breakdown

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The Backfire G5s is a high-performance hub motor electric skateboard representing the pinnacle of Backfire’s 2023 Hub Wheel Series.

It is priced at $849 and is available now at the following links.

The board features a 14s ultra-high voltage system with a full charge voltage of 58.8 volts. Utilizing a 14s 2p battery structure, the G5s employs 21700 Samsung 40t battery cells. The total battery capacity comes in at 403 Watt hours.

Equipped with dual 1500 watt hub motors, the G5s delivers a whopping 3000 Watts of total power. It’s also fitted with a high-power 14s ESC independently developed by Backfire to ensure first-class quality and smooth performance.

The deck construction boasts Backfire’s world-class Ski Technology and bespoke craftsmanship, with dimensions of 995mm x 249mm. Its core is maple wood enveloped in a layer of fiberglass. The entire circumference of the board is encased in ABS anti-collision material, which also contains luminous LEDs.

On the hardware side, it has die-cast 8-inch trucks and newly designed 96mm wheels.

If you’re an 80kg (180lb) skater hitting the road at a constant speed of 30km/h (18.5 mph), expect a range of around 55 km (34 miles) on a smooth road.

The board’s remote control is a cutting-edge color screen device featuring fingerprint recognition. You can control various functionalities including light modes, brake and acceleration strength, and even lock the board with your unique fingerprint.

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