Introducing the Summerboard FOAMIES

Video by Summerboard via YouTube
Introducing the Summerboard FOAMIES

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We are SUPER excited to introduce the FOAMIES – our latest accessory that makes riding the Summerboard even easier and more accessible. In this video, we will cover how they work, who should be riding the FOAMIES and what we love most about them.

As a bonus, we’ll go through the steps of how you can master riding switch using the FOAMIES before your next trip to the mountain!

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Get the FOAMIES at and everything else you need to shred at

—- Timeline —-

0:00 – Introducing the FOAMIES

1:19 – Why we made the FOAMIES

2:11 – What we love about the FOAMIES

4:41 – BONUS: 3 Tips for learning to ride switch with the FOAMIES

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