Is the Ownboard Electric Skateboards waterproof?


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Welcome to Ownboard’s most innovative Commuting technology with the latest Electric Skateboards. Why do I need an Ownboard Motorized Skateboards? Found top range by Samsung, Sanyo and waterproof protection. Riding technology has never been so affordable.

1.All our Ownboard Boards support waterproof.

2.For Some composite Skateboards, in order to ensure the flexibility of the skateboard itself, the lower surface of the battery box and the skateboard is not sealed, so if water enters the battery box may burn the control board. The integral fuselage Electric Skateboards does not have this problem, and the waterproofing is very good.

3.Some sealed the gap between the battery box and the skateboard with glass glue DIY, and the waterproof effect was good. Parents can learn from them.

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