Magneto Pintail Series Longboards

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Magneto Pintail Series Longboards

The pintail series is our modern take on a classic. Inspired by our SoCal surf roots in Carlsbad CA, these boards are made for cruising and carving. The decks are made with a dark stained maple veneer with clean graphics and crisp lines. The wheels are big and soft which smooths out the ride under your feet. Instead of covering the top of the deck with boring black grip tape, we used a clear sand grit finish to show off the top of the deck while still providing good traction.

We took these decks to the next level! Each style is made with a beautiful dark stained maple veneer with clean surf graphics. Inspired by our headquarters in Southern California, these boards are made to fit into the culture that inspired them. We used a sand grit finish on top of the deck to show off the top ply of maple. This also allowed us to include some cool top graphics which is pretty unique and a bit of our signature. Each deck is 40 inches long, 9.25 inches wide, with a wheelbase of 27 inches. We hope you turn as many heads as we have while testing these boards out on the streets of Carlsbad.

We didn’t stop at the deck…it was important to match the quality of the components to the quality of the deck.

We are using a high rebound urethane 78A formula for the wheels that is soft and grippy. The quality of this urethane really turns a good ride into a great ride. You can carve and shred with these wheels and feel like you’re in control the entire time. They also make for a super smooth ride…simply put these wheels are awesome, and we’re really proud of how they turned out.

The bearings are rated at ABEC 5 and provide a super smooth ride with plenty of speed. If you take care of these bearings they’ll last a long time!

The trucks are made from high-strength aluminum and use the same urethane formula for the bushings. You’ll really appreciate the feeling of carving with these trucks and bushings.




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