Maxfind Best Electric Skateboard for any budget in 2020 (MAX4 PRO Series)

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Maxfind Best Electric Skateboard for any budget in 2020 (MAX4 PRO Series)

Maxfind Max4 PRO is not only the fastest electric skateboards available on the market, but it is also equipped with the latest technology.

It is popular for its excellent quality and long lifespan. Though the board offer you maximum features, it’s main focus is top speed which is unbeatable.

However, you’ll love the regenerative braking mechanism which I talked about early on, and it helps to regain some of the battery energy and eventually to give you some extra charge. And don’t worry if you ever run off the battery, you can always push it with your feet like a regular skateboard.

What’s more impressive is the battery recharge time, which is only one hour and is four times less than the conventional motorized boards that can take as much as a 5 hours for a full recharge.

Because top speed requires incredible power, the Max4 Pro is no exception to this. Its mighty 1500W motor can easily climb steep hills and give you a smooth ride on the toughest terrains. Also, it offers 30% superior incline speed as compared to the top 5 electric skateboards on the market.

When you apply the brakes, a major chunk of the energy is restored, and this recharges the battery energy which was used.

It weighs only 16 pounds with a deck length of 38 inches and width of 10.6 inches which is great to be carried around anywhere you want. it provides excellent manoeuvr ability.

Ideally, its battery is made to last for 2000 cycles, but it performs better than that. Depending on your use, its battery can last for up to five years of daily charging.

Finally, its remote control, Bluetooth operated, is simple to use.


· Brilliant skateboard with a powerful 1500w motor
· Ideal length, width and weight for perfect manoeuvrability
· 26 mph top speed, regenerative braking and 30% grade hill climb
· Warranty coverage with customer support

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