Maxfind Max4 Pro Electric Skateboard Review

Author: Maxfind via YouTube
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Maxfind Max4 Pro Electric Skateboard Review

Hey guys I just got the maxfind Max4 Pro I decided to put it to the test by riding in the street of xiamen in China, as you may have noticed this board is pretty stable and fast enough to overtake cars! I filmed this video using only the amazing Insta360 one r with the mini pocket selfie stick.

If you are looking for a commuting electric skateboard that is still heaps of fun to ride, the Maxfind Max4 Pro is for you.

+ Go up to 25km/15miles with Standard Range, Up to 50km/30miles with Long Range, Up to 75km/45miles with Super Range

+ Up to 42km/h / 26mph (on full battery)

+ 1500W M5 Brushless motor + Canadian maple deck (8 Storeys)

+ Ergonomic Bluetooth Remote with OLED (4 Files)

+ 4.4AH Samsung Lithium-Ion battery with custom BMS

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