Meepo Electric Skateboard – Meepo Voyager Official Video

Video by Meepo Electric Skateboard via YouTube
Meepo Electric Skateboard - Meepo Voyager Official Video

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The Voyager is now Kieran’s (the founder of Meepo Board) favorite board. The Voyager is built for riders who are obsessed with the thrill of instant acceleration with the original longboard carving style & street wheels. The Voyager easily outperforms every other belt-driven street board in torque and maneuverability. It has an insane 2.5s to 25kph acceleration time and can go uphill at 32kph on a 15% steep hill. Braking to a complete stop from 25kph can be done within 6 meters. These phenomenal next-level riding controls are all there for you to explore.

Some highlights about Voyager
– Long Range 36 Miles (X)
– Next Level Riding Control on Acceleration and Brakes
– 4 Riding Modes Beginner to Pro
– Smart and Precise LYFOC 55B ESC
– 40 Mph Top Speed
– 46% Hill Grade Conquer Steep Hills
– Premium Bamboo Deck
– New M5S Remote

🎁 Limited Time Offer With Extra Cyclone Wheels Included
We are now offering the first 900 Voyager X customers with free 110 mm cyclone wheels

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