OS Cities – Berlin Germany – Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews – Vlog No.126

Video by Andrew Penman Via YouTube
OS Cities - Berlin Germany - Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews - Vlog No.126

OS Cities – Berlin Germany – Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews – Vlog No.126

This is part of my Travel Video Vlog of my Electric Skateboard EBoard Motorised Skateboard Summer 2019 European Tour of: England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 / France 🇫🇷 / Belgium 🇧🇪 / Netherlands 🇳🇱 / Germany 🇩🇪 / Switzerland 🇨🇭 / Italy 🇮🇹 / Testing

Today we visit Berlin in Germany, this is a remarkable city was not what I expected. This is got so many unique characteristics including a beautiful huge get lost in public park and it’s incredible architecture and history. Skateboarding is technically illegal in Germany especially Berlin which is the hub of where most of the fines are given. So hence, I didn’t use my folding SHAKABOARD z1 EBoard to much…. however I didn’t do enough to get a feel for the city. One of the highlights of this trip to Berlin was to visit Franky Sommer from Longboardz.de. Franky was instrumental in getting me to look at Electric Skateboards and getting into the sport very early, he is a great ambassador of Longboards and skateboarding as well as Electric Skateboards.

You can follow the 360° link in the corner of the screen during the video to immerse yourself in the 360° video experience of rising with me on my run through Berlin and past the Deutscher Dome.

Continue on with your passion and adventure in this incredible sport of Electric Skateboarding…… more 2019 European travel vids to come which have not been released as yet which form part of the lost tapes…… including ….Milan ….. Florence …… Positano on the Amalfi Coast and finishing up with spectacular Rome.

Filmed in late 2019 ….. this gives a wonderful glimpse to the world as it was …….prior to the worldwide outbreak of CoviD 19, this is something we will hopefully get back to ….. but for now …. enjoy – Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews YouTube ⚔️

360° VR View
You can observe the full immersion of 360° VR view by simply watching the video and spinning the screen with your finger to observe the whole 360° interface or …..moving your phone in any direction. Or you can click on the “Goggle icon” and then insert your phone into a standard 3-D VR headset goggles to get FPV first person view.
Note: Please adjust the resolution settings by clicking the “three little dots” in the top right hand corner of the screen while the video is playing and from the drop down menus “select the resolution” that best suits your data download speed.
Highest Resolution for my current Insta One camera is 1440p
Enjoy cheers – Andrew Penman ⚔️


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Camera – GoPro Hero 9 / iPhone 7 Plus
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Microphone – GoPro Media Mod Shotgun Mic
Drone -DjI Spark
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