The “Mystery” EBoard – Unbox & First Ride – Andrew Penman Reviews – Vlog No.190

Video by Andrew Penman Via YouTube
The “Mystery” EBoard - Unbox & First Ride - Andrew Penman Reviews - Vlog No.190

BiBuff Carbon All-Terrain 2 in one EBoard – Unbox & First Ride – Andrew Penman Reviews – Vlog No.190

BiBuff Full Carbon All-Terrain “2 in One” Electric Skateboard ESk8 Motorised Skateboard Powered Skateboard EBoard – Vlog No.190

Today’s initially a “Mystery Board UnBox” ended up being the BiBuff Full Carbon Electric Skateboard “2 in One” EBoard. This is a beautifully crafted beautifully built high component installation of one of the best boards I’ve ridden in a few years. With its 1,650w x2 Dual Custom Japanese Drone motors along with the 12S4P 604wh / 14 Ah Samsung 35E Battery Setup this Board delivers. All the specifications on the website and imbedded in my HD video of the product on my table, check it out👍 this is a first class All-Terrain EBoard

“This BiBuff Full Carbon All-Terrain 175 mm Pneumatic Air tyre Electric Skateboards was a solid surprise, this Eboard has not only incredible torque …and sophistication …but it just performs so well, it has become the benchmark ⭐️it’s super light at 10kg for 12S4P Battery which is reflective of the high quality light weight ultra 100% Carbon finish. This is a high premium Electric Skateboards product and is derived from much feedback and continual improvement by the company to a now “near perfection” board. If you’re in the market for a high-performance Eboard are you a heavier rider ..don’t even hesitate grab one of these BiBuff EBoards .. it will be all you need, Congratulation BiBuff wrll
Done ✅👍⭐️“ cheers Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews youTube⚔️

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BiBuff All Carbon “2 in One” All Terrain EBoard

150mm + 90mm = $1,299 US
175mm + 90mm = $1,289 US

BiBuff All Carbon U2 All Terrain EBoard

150mm only = $1,249 US
175mm only = $1,239 US

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