Vestar BlackHawk 6.5″ All-Terrain/97mm Street Wheel -Unbox & First Ride – Andrew Penman-Vlog No.143

Author: Andrew Penman Via YouTube
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Vestar BlackHawk 6.5" All-Terrain/97mm Street Wheel -Unbox & First Ride - Andrew Penman-Vlog No.143

The VESTAR “BlackHawk” 6.5" Airless PU Honeycomb Tyres All-Terrain/97mm Street PU Conversion EBoard
– Unbox & First Ride – Andrew Penman-Vlog No.143

(Note: All New Zealand Subscribers you can view the Unbox BlackHawk vid through my FB Page the full vid is there ) ….


This is the latest addition to the flagship of the Vestarboard high quality electric skateboards. This is the big brother of the Vestar SUV that was released six months ago. Vestarboard took feedback from riders, reviewers and with the competitive specs of the big name boards and increased all their components of this Electric Skateboard …to make it one of the highest performing electric skateboards currently coming out of China at this time.

With it’s 50klm range on the 97mm wheel setup and a 48klm range on the All-Terrain wheels this makes for one of the most impressive long range boards currently sold. The new larger whisper quiet 6368 Custom Motors makes for an exhilarating and powerfully dominant torque ride. The new OLED Display 2.4ghz Remote is now included with all new purchases.

“This has been one of the most remarkable finds for 2019/2020 …this BkackHawk gives us ultimate performance specs with the most impressive ultimate performance ride …this is a highly precise designed EBoard, this carves like sharp kitchen knife” – Andrew Penman EBoard Review LS YouTube ⚔️ 2020

The VESTAR “BlackHawk” 6.5” Airless Tyres All-Terrain/97mm Street PU Conversion EBoard
Contact: Frank Wong / Emily
Tel: 86 13723737290/13723737291

Original Price = US$1,399 (includes free shipping to 46 Countries and all import taxes) check with Emily to see if you country is included.

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Vestar “BlackHawk”
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