Wowgo 3 electric skateboard arrives with Paris Truck&Flexy deck&Turbo Mode

Author: Wowgoboard via YouTube

After such long time development, test, adjustment, finally Wowgo3 is here now, a completely new one. In this video we talk, and display all features of Wowgo 3 in real test.
1.Paris truck, offer amazing carving experience, and more stable at high speed
2.Bamboo+Fiber deck, felxy and super comfortable to ride
3.Softer and wider eccentric PU wheel, more elastic and stale for riding
4.Smart digital LED remote, display all data and status of board clearly. One button for all operation, user friendly
5.Within new turbo mode on ESC with stronger torque, offer faster acceleration&amazing performance on uphill
6.Some violent tests to show Wowgo 3 can stand rough condition.

New Wowgo 3 is already listed in Wowgo store, Mass production already start, We will start to make shipment on 12,May.

Get your Wowgo 3 here:

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