XGLOW 97mm Light Wheels from Tranzite- Unbox & First Ride -Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews -Vlog No.169

Author: Andrew Penman Via YouTube
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XGLOW 97mm Light Wheels from Tranzite- Unbox & First Ride -Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews -Vlog No.169

XGLOW 97mm Ultra Bright Glow Wheels by Tranzite – Full Unbox & First Ride – Andrew Penman EBoard Electric Skateboard Motorised Skateboard ESk8 Piwered Skateboard Reviews – Vlog No.169

Today’s Unbox is another first the initial first glance at the new XGlow Wheels in the large 97mm x 58 mm beautifully designed 78a Durometer.

At first look you may think this is a toy but you couldn’t be more mistaken this is a high-profile nice Thane Glow in the dark Urethane mix that carves and grips incredibly. The Wheel incorporates a high emitting 12 individual LED light omission diodes. These are powered by sophisticated dynamo / micro Generator that gives off more than enough EMF and amps to illuminate the wheel at an astounding fluorescent light look.

“I am more than happy with not only the XGLOW Wheels product itself from Tranzite as it’s doing its job well and illuminating incredibly…but also the grip and overall feel of the ride , which is superb. The 97 mm urethane wheels makes for an awesome lightshow and a nice “stand out from the crowd” look and certainly saves having to strap LEDs to the board, I will always travel with these XGLOW wheels in my kit for that special occasion had turning ride, I can thoroughly recommend this product” – Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews Youtube⚔️ 2020


Tranzite Electric Skateboards
Maroubra Beach, Sydney, AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺
Owner / Founder Eduardo Ferrero

Website: https://www.tranzite.com/

Tranzite Youtube:

Email: sales@tranzite.com


Prices $$$

$199 AU

XGLOW 97mm x58 mm 78a from Tranzite

Blue / Red / Green / Purple / White

Gear Adaptors for Tranzite Direct Drive available


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