Yvolution Y Glider Luna – How to transform our 5-in-1 ✨

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Yvolution Y Glider Luna - How to transform our 5-in-1 ✨

Getting your Glider Luna ready is so easy!

Everything is included:
1. Trunk & Roller base
2. Glider scooter base
3. Adjustable Push bar
4. Roller attachment

✨ First, switching from Stroller to Roller, push the release button and remove the push bar. Lift the trunk from the Glider base in a push of a button, then insert the roller attachment ‘CLICK’ – Now its ready to roll in 360
✨ Unlock the caster for free movement 🍃
✨ Use Roller mode as walker or as a fun ride-on ! Roll, roll, roll 🍃💨

For the Scooter, just insert the bar into the Glider deck and voila! ⚡
Allowing 2 kids to use the Luna at the same time! 💓

✈️ Y Glider Luna is also cabin size compatible, guaranteeing a smooth ride through the airport while storing your kid’s favourite goodies 🍼

Available on Yvolution.com

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