Backfire G2T electric skateboard has best remote control | High Powered Electric Skateboard

Author: Backfire Boards via YouTube

The Backfire G2T electric skateboard has best remote! This is the 8th introduction video for Backfire G2T electric skateboard
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Backfire’s new R2 remote is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to hold for a long time.
The control wheel is intuitive and doesn’t have dangerous dead zones like so many other boards.
1.The power button serves multiple purposes – it lets you turn the remote on and off, pair the remote with the board, and enable cruise control.
2.The speed mode button toggles between Eco and Sport mode.
The Turbo button gives you a temporary boost in speed.
3.Down here is a reverse switch if you ever need to go backward.
4.And this display shows you all kinds of useful information: your current speed, current speed mode, battery indicator for the board, battery indicator for the remote, current trip meter, and how far you’ve traveled on this board since you got it.

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