[ESK8 REPORT] World’s First Open Source Electric Skateboard Platform | FreeSK8

Author: Electric Skateboard Builder Via YouTube
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[ESK8 REPORT] World's First Open Source Electric Skateboard Platform | FreeSK8

FreeSK8 is an open source, comprehensive eboarding & LEV system comprised of multiple devices that communicate with each other to provide critical system sensor & fault data to the rider & other system components. These systems are comprised of an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller, VESC-Compatible), Radio Module/Datalogger/BLE Module (Robogotchi), Wireless Remote Control (FreeSK8 Remote/OSRR 1.0), GPS, SmartBMS (Battery Management System), Power Control (AntiSpark/power switch), Lighting Control System (LightShow Module), & various battery technologies.

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Learn More About The VESC Project Here:

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