New Arrival! Ownboard Bamboo AT Pro Electric Skateboard

New Arrival! Ownboard Bamboo AT Pro Electric Skateboard

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Bamboo AT Pro Electric Skateboard:
Key Updates for Bamboo AT Pro
1.Tried and trued industry first split angle TKP trucks for superior stability and maneuverability. Topped with Riptide WFB 96a pivot cups for a sublime carving experience.
2.Features a new flexible deck with wider platform for improved ergonomics and reference points for your feet.
3.Upgraded from 9005 HW ESC to 9028 HW ESC which is capable of handling higher currents and will have improved acceleration and braking. The new ESC will also feature the auto on/off function.
4.Brand new Molicel M35A 10S5P battery pack with 630Wh.
5.Chargers will be upgraded from 3A to 5A.

About the Bamboo AT Pro
The all new Bamboo AT Pro is here! Just like its older brother the Zeus Pro, the Bamboo AT Pro will be upgraded to the same split angle TKP trucks that took the industry by storm. The new Bamboo AT Pro features a refined vertical bamboo laminate drop deck that is dialed with the perfect amount of flex for you to pump out of your next carve. The concave of the platform was also reworked to provide a deeper pocket and more refined reference point for your feet.

When we created the Zeus and Zeus Pro we heard customers’ requests for a lower price point option with less range but the same upgraded drivetrain. We also heard a lot of requests for a flexible deck option with the split angle TKPs. That is why we decided to make the Bamboo AT Pro. We wanted to make a lighter flex deck with slightly less range and combine it with our tried and trued split angle TKPs.

The improvements did not stop there. To live up to the Pro designation we also upgrade the board with a brand new Molicel battery pack and ESC to harness the improved battery capacity for punchier acceleration and stronger brakes.

The combination of the refined bamboo deck and split angle OB TKPs spec’d with Riptide WFB pivot cups will take your carving to the next level. The flex and the carving arch of our split angle TKP will truly make the Bamboo AT Pro a lightweight carvers delight. You will be grinning ear to ear. We guarantee it.

This Bamboo AT Pro will be the ideal companion for beginners and seasoned riders alike. It packs a strong punch with the 6368 motors and it has equally strong brakes. With the industry’s best electronics and batteries, the Bamboo AT Pro is simply the best board in its price point.

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New Arrival! Ownboard Bamboo AT Pro Electric Skateboard
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