Vestar BlackHawk All-Terrain – Hill Climb Test – Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews YouTube-Vlog No.149

Author: Andrew Penman Via YouTube
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Vestar BlackHawk All-Terrain - Hill Climb Test - Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews YouTube-Vlog No.149

Vestar BlackHawk All Terrain – Hill Climb Test – Andrew Penman EBoard Motorised Skateboard Electric Skateboard Powered Skateboard Esk8 Reviews YouTube-Vlog No.149

This BlackHawk All Terrain Hillclimb Test was a very interesting and very successful result due to the mere fact this is an all-terrain wheels setup competing against small more torquey street wheel set up boards. Is it only the second All Terrain board EBoard to be on the Hillclimb challenge and Hill Climb Leaderboard. The other being a Vestar SUV with smaller motors which received a top speed of 24km/h …this by comparison has beaten it up the hill by another 4km/h very impressive indeed.

My Hill Climb Tests are now in a new format providing just the one hill climb on Hill No.3 .. I’ll be including a new unbelievable hill called Hospital Hill on the future upcoming Hill climbs which is a 30% grade hill ..over 300m in length.

Today’s conditions were:
Rider: 94 kg
Hill length 90m
Hill Gradient 24%.

The result was 28 km/h up Hill No.3 putting it in 5th Place on the leaderboard. I would roughly estimate that if this BlackHawk had wheels 90mm set up …this would certainly reach 35km/h.

BlackHawk All Terrain Hill Climb Test Rating:
9.8/10 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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